About FOCL

“The Mission of the Friends of the Central Library is to champion the Central Library as a vital community resource. Through fundraising and public advocacy, we enhance the excellence of our library and its capacity to serve the community.”
The Friends of the Central Library raises funds to support the Central Library, the hub of the Onondaga County Public Library which includes branches and suburban libraries. Since 1997, FOCL has donated over $600,000 to support library programs by purchasing books and materials.
FOCL produces and promotes the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series, the largest library-related lecture series in the country. For twenty-three seasons, the Friends of the Central Library has brought over 100 world-famous authors to Syracuse to entertain, inform and inspire our Central New York audience.
The Friends of the Central Library believes that libraries are critical to the vibrancy of a community. Libraries afford residents opportunities to job search, research historical and genealogy records, educate, and entertain. FOCL supports and funds literacy efforts and resources.
The FOCL Board of Directors thanks you for your support of FOCL, the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series and your community libraries.

Friends of the Central Library Board of Directors

Sandra Barrett- FOCL Executive Director

Virginia Biesiada – OCPL Liaison

Leah Caldwell

Linda Clark

Susie Dahline, Treasurer

Jeremy DeChario

Peggy Fabic, Vice President

Theodore Hanousek

Marcia Hayden-Horan

Steven Kulick, President

Janice Liddell



Suzanne McAuliffe

Susan Mitchell – OCPL Director

Terry Morris, Secretary

Marilyn Pinsky

Elaine Walter